If you are a thirsty white man in the desert and you are obviously dying of that thirst and a black man comes to you with good, cool, clean, fresh water cupped in his black palms, you cannot tell me that you won’t drink because of the “contaminated” color of his skin.  That is a ridiculous claim.  The meaning behind the fact that you would most definitely drink deeply from his “unclean” hands is obvious – society needs to get real and change its ways.  Survival of the human race depends on acceptance of our natural differences and cooperation no matter what you look like, what the color of your skin is, or what you believe.  Survival of the species needs to come first.  Humanity is not a set color of skin and the diversity inherent in humanity is a good thing and allows for more creative solutions to potential shared problems.  We divide ourselves for tribal survival reasons due to our inflated egos and our fear of the “other”.  That needs to change.  Survival like the example in the desert that I gave at the start of this post – that kind of derived wisdom, I hope, can rise to the top and rise to the challenge and create a very real place in the mindset of mankind of acceptance.  Hopefully, it can change the way we look at each other’s differences and creates new relationships despite them.  Intergroup relationships have been proven to improve with exposure to other cultures.  In those situations, we tend to find shared humanity and can even call our neighbor, who undoubtedly is different, our brother because he is vital to our shared survival as a human race.


~jimbolawrence aka Jason W. Tapscott


P.S. Buy my book on jasontapscott.com or amazon.com.  It is a series of novellas that happens to be a crime drama.  It was created based on my personal time spent in mental hospitals and prisons.  Please support me and validate my education of my past.  You will learn something too or at least be entertained.  Thanks!


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