I would like the reader to know a couple of things.  First, I graduated from college finally with a degree in psychology; so, now I am looking for a job.  It would be my first real job outside of sales and fast food and warehouses.  Second, I am living with a mental health condition; I am a person living specifically with schizoaffective disorder.  I will describe it this way –

Think of a burger.  It can be a cheeseburger with bacon, whatever you want…  This burger is analogous to my brain, and to my mind, to some extent.  Stress happens to my brain and my mind and this is like smooshing that burger.  When you smoosh a burger, perhaps so you will have an easier time eating it, stuff can fall out, become rearranged, or whatever.  Stress makes stuff seep out of the burger.  That stuff is still technically part of the burger, but now it is outside.  This can be similar to hallucinations.  Enough stress and parts of the mind seep out and break off taking on lives of their own.  That is what happens to me and others with mental health conditions.  For whatever reason, burger/mind stuff has seeped out and taken on lives of their own.  The stuff that seeps out is still part of the mind, but it no longer plays a vital role.  Instead, it tries to reconnect hopelessly with the mainland of said burger/mind.  When it does this, it takes the form of whatever symptomology the person with the mental health condition presents with, be it hallucinations, delusions, anxiety, depression; it is all stress-related and the mind trying to cope and make sense of the stress and the fact that, to the person afflicted, their reality has been rearranged.  I hope that made some sense and helps someone deal with their problems or the people’s problems that they happen to love.  Thanks for listening to my rant and thanks for congratulating me (I know you are) on graduating!  I will now commence looking for a job like any other sane person.  I am extremely glad and proud to have that problem.  Have a great day and maybe next time you order a burger, you will think to not be so stressful with yourself or someone else…




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