I went to a baseball game recently with a good friend from church.  He, like a lot of average people, was so carefree the whole time.  He bought food for both of us without batting an eye, although I did supply the tickets, which were a gift from my brother.  He then carried all of his food, which was a lot and it was cumbersome and awkward as usual, to our seats.  He then proceeded to place his food and a radio that he had brought on the ledge in front of us past the railing.  Our seats were right in the very front of that section of the stadium.  Anyway, he placed that stuff there without a second thought or hesitation.  That stuff could have fallen a long way down and probably hurt someone below if it did fall but he was so nonchalant about it.  You could tell that thought did not even enter into his mind.  Anyway, he did complain about the temperature of the food but it was a cold night at the stadium and, in my mind, that was to be expected.  He complained with a smile on his face as if he was joking and not serious at all, which was very refreshing.  Later, because it was so cold, he bought a winter hat and gloves, which probably cost a fortune easily.  I want to highlight how carefree he did all of this – very Zen.  I witness this natural state in a lot of average people day in, day out.  When I say average, I do not mean it disparagingly.  I use it to highlight that these are just everyday people who, whether they realize it or not, have solved the problem of just being.  The way my friend did all of that that night at the baseball game blew my mind.  Everyday some human being blows my mind in a similar fashion.  It is a great feeling and evidence that not all is lost, at least not yet.


The human condition lends itself to enlightenment.  It is a natural progression of the human spirit as it develops from day to day.  Anyone can achieve enlightenment of this transformative sort through Zen.




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