Suffering is necessary for God to develop a stronger relationship with us.  That does not mean God causes suffering.  On the contrary, we brought suffering on ourselves in the garden of Eden.  Daily, we continue to bring suffering on ourselves in that same spirit of rebelliousness and stubbornness.  In our rebelliousness and stubbornness, we lose sight of our actual, original, pre-Fall, true selves when we go against that original nature and God’s law, which is inherent in our hearts.  Yes, we do have the freedom to choose and make our own way.  We have that freedom as God’s gift of true love.  The angels do not get that love.  That is part of the reason some of them fell.  They got bitter and jealous of humanity so some of them fell and even now are trying to destroy us and turn us from our Maker.


The suffering that we feel as a result of our disobedience whether completely voluntary or due to some “help” from fallen angels brings us back to needing God and His abundant Grace.  That way we can be redeemed and remade once again in His Image by way of our sincere repentance.  After all, that repentance is all we have to offer God and He loves that gift.  In fact, that is the role that baptism plays, naming us God’s and sealing us as His children to spite the fallen angels through the gift of grace.  In fact, I believe that we as humans are meant to chasten the angels and help them understand truly who their Master is.  We are teaching the very angels who are keeping us safe.  And the good ones know it and love us and God for it.


When Jesus was baptized, his actual, true, blameless nature was revealed and affirmed for all the world’s people and angels, good and bad, to see.  It would be good for us to realize this – that we are not that far in nature from Jesus the Christ.  It is just that Jesus was able to hang onto his true, original nature, whereas we tend to forget who and whose we are.  Suffering is inherent in this sinful forgetfulness and its subsequent fear.  However, the good thing about suffering is that it brings out a need in us for God as our Father.  Our suffering affirms and delights the Father because He gets to touch our faces and dry our very tears.  That delights Him.  Yes, He hates that we suffer but He loves that it gives Him a chance to interact with us in a meaningful, deep way.  That is why He allows suffering to exist.  Our suffering gives God a foothold and handhold in this fallen world.  Our suffering makes room for Him in our lives as a stronghold and a divine shoulder we can lean and cry on.  That way He can stoop down happily and wipe our tears like the good divine parent that He is.  Glory be to God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit!




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