Knowledge is power because it gives you a reason and purpose to righteously act and the ability to defend those actions with meaning.  Knowledge defends the possessor against naïve ignorance and arms you against it.  Knowledge in this sense is holy as it leads to a deeper sense of true understanding.  The power one gains from knowledge is one of purpose and direction.  Knowledge enlightens and proceeds to spread whether good or evil.  The power also gained from knowledge can be good or evil or used for good or evil.  The power is not attached to good or evil so both good and evil that comes from knowledge’s power comes from the same source – the mind of man.  Thus, the true battle is one of deep understanding – the understanding and compassion a “good” man has in understanding an “evil” man.  Without that understanding of good for evil or for evil of good, all is lost.  That is man’s role in the universe – unequivocal, unjudging understanding.  If he can accomplish that, he has surpassed and entered nirvana.


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