There is no such thing as true selflessness.  Even while the good Samaritan feeds the homeless, it is likely to assuage the guilt he or she has because of the simple fact that he or she is more fortunate.  It gives them license to amass more.  Fate picks people to bring down in a very fickle manner.  We must exercise godly grace to pick them back up, regardless of our underlying true reasons.


Do not even acknowledge evil or the devil; for, when you do, that is where they get their powers.  Use grace to deal with adversity without acknowledging the potential evil of the situation.  Jesus taught us that by example when, while being arrested, he healed a man wounded by his own disciple before they took Him away.  So, know your fate and meet it with grace, and without resentment.  Band together like brothers and sisters if you must; for, we are stronger together and can, thereby, defy evil.  So, be social; be gracious; be forgiving; be accepting.  Together we can withstand the devil, and create opportunities for grace to operate.


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