All we are is a bunch of hamsters on our own personal wheels.  It is like the rat race, only eternal and without any real movement.  We end up going nowhere, all the while telling ourselves, “someday I will get there.”  The ones that see the irony and its depressive nature are the ones that get told that there is something wrong with them because they shatter the false dream of progress that the rest of us hold dear to while running on our wheels going nowhere.  And, those who get off their wheels are considered absolutely out of their minds, but they in fact are the visionaries, the ones who are truly liberated, the ones trying to figure a way out of their very cages.  Thus, these ones are considered dangerous when in fact they are closer to the truth; however, truth by its very nature is often considered dangerous even while liberating in nature.  These ones have put the illusion of life and “progress” behind themselves, while everyone else calls their running on their wheels and never getting anywhere progress.  The saddest part about this is that there is no way outside the cages of life except through death and danger.  Even if one of us hamsters managed to get out of the “cage”, what he or she would find is endless chances at self-destruction and nothing but confusion.  So keep running on your wheels; at least, you will have direction and a false sense of progress and peace.


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