The future is technically a non-event not worth worrying about.  That probably sounds very strange but once you grasp the truth behind it, you will be much less stressed.  Likewise, the past is a non-event in that you cannot change it; you can only change how you interpret it.  The present or current moment is a bridge between these two time periods typified by non-events.  This current moment is, then, an illusion that holds onto its relevancy by its very salient and present nature; however, we know cognitively that it will, in fact, ebb back into the past of non-events and flow into the future of non-events.  Thus, human existence has always been (past) and will always be (future) a battle to hold onto current forms of meaning without going backwards or forwards in fits of irrelevancy.  This, of course, is impossible and we are left with irrational and ultimately irrelevant hope for meaning in a meaningless string of events that do not matter…


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