Hold me accountable

I’m cooking with fire

And I do not care what goes into the sauce

Scold me; call me unforgivable

I look at you and see a liar

Alarms should tell you the heat behind the sauce

When I burn you up,

I burn me up

I burn us up

And I do not care

Hold me accountable

And what I have cooked I will share…


Darkness hiding in the very light

Pockets of it everywhere

What do I do with it?

Embrace it?

Fight it?

Resist it with self-control?


Someday I know it will consume me

As it does us all on our deathbeds

That light is merely a handmaiden

A wet nurse in disguise

As darkness gives birth to the light

And we die…


Violent angst

Twilight and dank

Moist downpour

Hoisted sails in a slave’s city

Fallowed heaven’s fields

Cowards tip the scales

Town that only wants more


Soup of the day and a six-inch

Pizza makers sift hay with shanks

Jail or prison or penitentiary

Hail all hell sent bats

Kentucky fried baseballs

The colonel sat fatly on ice crystals

Pooping pencil shavings

After his hair falls out involuntarily

He’ll be saving plenty of money.



A slim bubble of hunger

My insides turned into pudding or the wanting thereof

Prim dystopian fantasies

Death comes to children too

Only more innocently and mercifully

Days cut short

Timothy Little is testimony thereto

But his shaved head

His hair cut short

Says help me with money

Give or you’ll never forgive yourself

Honeycombs in his bowl

He wishes he could use it on his head

Or on the beard he will never get to



Troubled troublesome youth

Stemming from standards of abuse

Military ire irate

Choosing the gun over fish bait

Caught in a cycle of sonorous discord

World of rifles and fjords

Roaring rivers of men

Caught in that current again

Mankind jumps from the ledge

I was just trimming the hedge


They all jump off to their deaths




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