We ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; however, we, as finite beings, cannot fully appreciate the universal dynamics of the balance between good and bad.  We are confined to the self and cannot really experience anything outside of that prison, which is why, in freeing us, that freedom to believe in God is a gift of liberty from that same Creator.


In other words, if something bad happens to me that benefits my neighbor, is it then ultimately good or bad?  This is an example that oftentimes we cannot see past the effects on ourselves to the greater good that may be being in done in God’s name for our neighbor.


Thus, the balance between good and evil is often looked at by us humans as zero sum games wherein there is a winner and a loser.  However, this is not always true (in fact, it almost never is, for the sake of mere logic).  We have to be smart enough and wise enough to realize that fact.  God is working in everything for the greatest glory (another word for good) that can befall our partnership with him as a species, not as individuals.  We just need to trust that that is the truth and remember never to give the devil his due because everything is God’s doing.  Submit to His Will!



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