He had already fallen.  It had been years but he was still getting used to slithering in the dust.  Dust was what God had made man from.  And, man was the whole reason he had to eat dust for the rest of his lengthy existence.  Thus, it was ironic that he spent the rest of eternity being one with the thing he hated most.  He guessed it was a rather bitter type of poetic justice that only God would enjoy.


He was pondering this once again, years later, when he came across one of these creatures known as man in the wilderness.  He knew right away that this man was different; he was trouble.  Satan decided to take out his frustration of slithering through dust on this man-creature by asking him a set of questions, just to see what he was about.


First, he showed the man a mustard tree and an axe with which to cut it down.  He said to him who he knew as Jesus, “Look, Jesus, the axe is poised at the root of the tree – cut it down!”  But Jesus surprised him by saying, “I came to save, not to condemn!”  He surprised him even further by lifting the axe and using it on the serpent, cutting him in two.  The serpent anticipated this though and was a step ahead of him, so he became two serpents.  Laughter erupted hissingly from the two snakes.   Jesus grimaced and realized how worthy a foe that Satan was.  As he looked on forlornly, feeling quite alone and afraid in the wilderness, Satan regathered himself by eating his other half and becoming an even longer serpent.  Then Satan decided on another trick even as Jesus’ true identity and purpose began to dawn on him.

“Jesus, if you are truly here to save mankind, then first, save yourself!”  As soon as the serpent said this, Jesus began to feel faint.  Suddenly, he found himself holding his immaculate heart, which glowed royal golden red, in his holy hands.  Quickly and manually, with just a trace of doubt showing on his otherwise perfect face put his heart back in his chest and said to the serpent firmly, “My heart is always in the right place, if I worry about my sheep first.  I will have no reason to worry about myself as my Father in heaven will take care of me.  My heart will be in His capable hands.”

The serpent ran away quickly.  Jesus had surprised him so much with this last comment that it was not until later that he realized that Jesus had, for a moment, given him back his legs.  He marveled at Jesus’ power and put plans in motion to crush him…


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