If, dear reader, you would be good enough to allow me too, I would like to wax poetic in a Christian sense.


When something gets made, we say that the thing that is made is great and lose sight of the one who made it lots of times.  However, the one who made it put in the hard work and is the great thing, not the thing that he made.  We need to remember that.  We are the made thing; we are the creation.  We are great but we are great because we are products of the workmanship of the maker, the Creator.  We need to remember that and point to the Father any time someone points to us.  Any time we are revered we must give that glory we have received and place it where it belongs, with the maker, with the Creator, with the Father.  He is the amazing maker, the workman, and He is unspoken because He is holy.  We must speak for Him.

At one point, He explicitly made Himself known by taking human likeness in the form of Jesus the Christ.  He came to earth in that vessel by way of a virgin.  Then, he destroyed the old creation in His death on the cross.  We are baptized into that destruction and have become improved creatures by way of His resurrection.  We remain improved creatures by keeping the commandment to love, and by giving back to God what He has first given us, our lives and our entire selves within that life.  Thus, we become living sacrifices even like our Father when He took the form of the Son, Jesus, and when He was resurrected into an improved situation into which we have been baptized.  So, honor what God has done for you and love your neighbor as yourself.  That is all God asks for in return after giving us new life.



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