I don’t consider myself an exclusive Christian.  I believe that God the Creator cannot be singly defined by one set of religious beliefs.  God the Creator transcends any one religion’s concept of Him.  However, with that preface, I would like to say that personally I believe in the Virgin birth of the Christ.  Jesus the Christ had none of the original iniquities inherent in all other man after the Fall of Adam and Eve because He was born directly from God (like Adam was originally formed directly by God before he ate the Forbidden fruit and fell).  What is interesting about this fact that Jesus was essentially free of that original iniquity that we all inherit, is that He does not lord it over us but has a supreme understanding of the fallen humans’ spirit.  That is what makes Him the Christ.  Also interesting to note is that Jesus believed in fallen man more than we even believed in Him.  He said, before ascending to His proper place at the Right Hand, that people after Him would do greater things than He had done.  He was not misled in saying this, nor misleading.  He simply wanted us to know that after His sacrifice as the Paschal Lamb, we sinners were as right with God now as Jesus was from the beginning of time.  And, He also wanted us to know that in this new relationship we would be finally capable of a perfect form of love.


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