When did it become unpopular to believe in God?  When church and state were separated.  I’m sorry but I don’t want to be a part of any system of freedom that turns people’s minds into vanilla pudding in the name of reason and enlightenment.  That is not freedom; that is not reasonable; that is not enlightening.  That is lack of courage and commitment.  That is a different, more dangerous form of tyranny.  Don’t unsex God or belief in Him.

Go ahead and worship the blood-spangled manner.  I will be worshipping the LORD of love whose forgiveness is true freedom.  That I will sacrifice myself for…


I’ll take Jesus for my sigil.

Stage a vigil for His second coming

When did it become disadvantageous to be religious in this day and age?

Bugger that belief!  I come to bear witness to the truth of the righteous LORD.


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