You cannot be taught anything that you don’t already know.  In other words, things need to be built in our minds piece by piece.  That is why school is established in grades K-12.  If something is not already within your mind in some capacity, it cannot be learned.  You see this with certain foreign languages that are impossible to learn for adults.  At some point, our minds crystallize and we cannot no longer take in new material.  We become stagnant.  However, there are ways to combat this, to not allow your mind to crystallize.  To do this, one must plant seeds or have other people plant seeds within them so that they can flower later on.  We are equipped coming into this world from birth with neural pathways waiting to take in new information.  Make sure you are learning and teaching the right things because one day these things will crystallize and turn into a person that can no longer be reached…


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