I love myself.  That is not a bogus statement.  People are going to hate you; people are not always going to treat you right.  People are not always going to love you.  Love yourself because your love for yourself is the only unconditional thing in the world.  It is not conceited or wrong in any way to love yourself.  From a religious point of view, you should love yourself.  God created you the way you are.  Yes, you are going to change and fluctuate over time; or at least your view of yourself will.  Make self-love an always thing.  Do not question the Creator’s motives and nature by wondering why you should love yourself.  He sees you through a love lens; start seeing yourself that way as well.

True selfishness is selfless and caring.  I say this because selflessness is actually the best thing you can do for yourself.  When you do something good for someone it benefits you and your feelings of self-love and self-respect; plus, most of the time people will respect and return your love when you are selfless.  The best thing you can do for yourself is put yourself and your own priorities on the backburner and live for something greater.


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