Good versus evil is an immature idea.  Really it is just an extension of an us versus them mentality.  It’s subjective in that everything me is good and everything I don’t understand or is against me is bad, or evil.  Thus, it is immature and egocentric.

Instead, true good is all encompassing and does not allow evil.  Evil in this sense is just a misperception, a bad read on a situation that is not realistic.  However, reality is whatever we want it to be as it is painted by words (Check out the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis).  So try to be optimistic and see everything good; however, don’t get so that you don’t see when something needs to change.  That’s where the true wisdom lies – knowing how to look and how to see and how to perceive, all the while being both realistic and optimistic and not misperceiving.  True good is unconditional love that forgives.  Just ask Jesus and his work on the cross…


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