Survival is based on a lie.  We all die.  Mankind is a succession of generations which make us think we have all existed before and will continue to exist.  Therefore, we end up living through our children, even after we are gone.  Is there an afterlife?  Or is that just something we tell ourselves to fend off fears, uncertainties, and/or insecurities?  It is a question worth asking.

I am a Christian so I believe in God.  When I was younger my church was pretty progressive and did not force faith on anyone.  As I got older I was confronted with Christians from other churches and I realized my faith was more open-ended than theirs.  This made me question what love was and how to show it.  I came up with the idea that love does not control through fear.  In other words, you don’t have to believe what I believe for me to value you as a valid human being.  Invalidation of someone’s very being (because that is what beliefs are) is worse than murder.  So, you have all these “followers” of various religions murdering each other, both in actuality, but, more importantly, by invalidation.  You do not tell someone there is something inherently wrong with them; however, that is what all religions do to the various other religions.  The only thing inherently wrong is the fact that you fear that I have my own voice and opinion.  The more things we control, the less things frighten us, and that is the driving motivation behind trying to overtly convert people.  It is not done out of love but out of misguided obligation to spread a disease.


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