Anger is emotional pain (and social pain, too).  It is an indicator of something in the individual’s psyche and the collective unconsciousness that something has gone wrong.  It is not a sin, as so many Christians would have you believe.  Christ got angry when he needed to (clearing out the temple; twice!).  Anger gives you that extra burst of energy to fix the wrong, the thing that made you angry.

Christians are supposed to be slow to anger, yes.  However, they are not supposed to be okay with injustice.  If anything, they are required to get angry about injustice.  A lot of Christians, because of the belief that they are not supposed to get angry, get passive and call it peace.  There is nothing peaceful about passivity.  Passivity is the reason Hitler rose to power (and most likely Trump as well).  We need to see all human emotion as having a good reason behind it (even psychosis).  It is all normal in an existence without certainty.  So, don’t fear getting angry but know how to control and use it for positive change.  That is a higher moral law…


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