The story of God is the story of ourselves.  That does not mean we are God(s); it doesn’t mean we are not (God(s)).  It means that we are connected.  God is inherent to the self.  The mythologies (various, across cultures) and the (supposed) truths that are inherent in God over the centuries, basically explains mankind.  He has just juxtaposed and externalized his own experience and in doing so created the mythology of God.  Now, I would argue that God truly exists, however, we can never truly know him for him on this side of eternity.

A friend of mine passed away recently and I basically refused to be too sad; in part, because she went home.  If anything I am jealous, because now she is privy to all kinds of eternal knowledge.  I believe we come from eternity (when born) and return there (when we die).  Whether or not there is a God or afterlife is immaterial to this iteration of life we find ourselves in.  It just has no bearing on reality (except to contribute to false confidence and security).  However, that myth is necessary to man’s existence (and sanity).


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