the world is pregnant with powerful purpose

stagnation has lost its hold on the ether of my soul

eternal tomorrows beckoning to me like a lightshade turned green

The green of love and spring

esteemed like lightning and rain

and the world will never be the same

Porridge turned cold and lost in your dead now heart

Sold is the parrots and parakeets so they have to depart

The relationships are fleeting like a ship streaming the stars

Spangled banners that used to be ours.

Now they are gone

I am forlorn and the lawn is not worn with your footprints any longer.

Books kept by bookkeepers dead to reality

Your ice cold grip is hollow

I let your life and love slip

Through my fingertips

You used to be cranberries dipped in chocolate

Now you are anti-berries slipping me poison

Wow! How you have turned the page to this story!

What a twist that I am sworn to abhor!

When you say that I am no longer there, it is not true

Because you said it on the other side of eternity…


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