People delight in worry.  They see this worry as theirs, and they see it as their connection with the world but they are just desperate for any easy connection.  It doesn’t matter what it will eventually entail.  However, True connection is a calm sense of self, a feeling of being an eye of the storm instead of the storm itself.


The river is laughing.  Always laughing.  It flows and flows and laughs and cries begins and ends in the same place at the same time.


Worry helps us relate to others or so we think.  Worry helps us stay alive or so we think.  Fear does the same; it is seen as sensible to fear as a form of self-preservation.


Why connect at all with the dying world?  Instead connect with the life within.


People pleasers frighten and sadden me.  They never develop a true self, their advancement stifled by their own inability to realize what true selfdom is.  They never live life truly and are always looking to someone else or the situation to see what is “appropriate.”  The essence of mental illness is the propensity of vestigial survival mechanisms that are no longer viable taking over.

The base of moral development is that the majority of people live at a certain lower level.  This gets internalized by society as the social contract because at the baser level more people thus the majority subsists.  So people who move further along this tract never get fully realized by society except that they know something more and so get followed.  Thus, the leaders, though not intending to, end up leading the majority off the cliff that they intended to save them from.  Human reality is stagnation and lack of advancement.  It is ironic and ultimately can be seen as a detriment to itself.


God is unchanging; the soul is unchanging.  On the surface, though, people shift away from that attitude to find a falser more socially acceptable security so they don’t have to face the light and the mirror.  They shield themselves by standing in someone else’s shadow and saying see I am following properly, when they should be stepping up next to the leader.  Followers should never stand behind but should realize that their leader wants them to stand with them.  That is why Jesus told us to treat him as an equal.  All of humanity died to sin on the cross with him, but it does not count unless you realize and accept his death as sufficient – and it was.


So often the person that understands things more deeply thus, “ascending” to the next level of moral practisement, incriminates others by the light they shine dispelling shadows.  In other words, they delve deep into things most people are scared of.  This is what defines them – courage.  They look in the mirror or enter the light (they must do so without reservation or risk being burned alive) and so think to help others to share the warmth the light brings to their soul.  However, most people are too frightened of the work and the change involved so they kill the messenger while trying to kill the undying truth of the light.  The truth never dies.


Religion is nothing more than a hollow expression of the desperate and untimely, unfulfilled dreams man creates in his mind.  This world, to the average human, leaves something to be desired, so he or she makes up another reason to keep on going.  This reason is the afterlife, heaven, or enlightenment.  All of these reasons are hollow and meaningless; in many senses, man is hollow and meaningless with the reason.  It follows that man needs to feel like he matters; but even the thing he creates as a false impression of meaning is hollow.  So he continues in his dance with falsehood and death, but rejoices in the fact that he is dancing, saying to society, see I’m dancing…sad, I know.


Religion is the projection of this dance and as long as you stick to the protocol culture has created and deemed true religion, you can be fooled.  But, in reality, it is a projection, a play with shadows to tell them what is real and not real when in fact none of it is and reality is merely what society tells you to make of it.  Most people need this to feel less fragile and insecure.  Now, this does not mean there is no truth.  The true truth, if you will, is that truth is subjective and there is no objective truth…so dance to your own tune but do not be fearful when the music stops and the dance is over.  For the dance is a casting of what man is not and strives to be…thus, it is an idealism so that we have something to strive for.


Man, as I’ve said earlier, is considerably fragile and desperate.  He or she is a fragile and desperate creature.  He flits from activity to activity trying to make himself forget this fact, constantly running from his real self…that he is as temporal as a fly that lives a day.  He ultimately has no idea what to do with the universe’s most reviled gift, consciousness.  He, armed with a little bit of fire, instead of enlightening others, holds on to his little bit trying to make sure no one snuffs it out.


He senses that others have fire too but he is frightened of those who would share it and distrusts everyone even while trying to commiserate with them.  His fire is a burdensome and shameful secret.  He constantly senses through the few “relationships” he covets that there is something more, something to share but he is very frightened and substitutes sharing fire with chasing shadows.  He becomes like a child chasing fireflies in the summer night and then crushing them or capturing them in the jar.  He knows not what else to do with this fire, so ultimately he snuffs his out; when he sees others who try to share their fire, he will try anything to snuff theirs out as well.  He does this out of jealousy and fear in the face of the courageous who try to righteously share their fire with their fellow humans.


He senses that he is wrong to be afraid of the fire and so projects this fear onto the universe and names it god.  His god is unforgiving and he is forced to constantly placate him.  This is not the true essence of god.  The actual god is not an angry god trying to figure out how to punish man.  This kind of god is just man punishing himself and not realizing that the true god loves him no matter what.  God created us with this fire.  God is the god of this inner fire.  God wants you to be courageous.  He does not want you dancing for a meaningless and lost cause.  He wants you to rest so he can fan your glorious fire and help it engulf the entire world and thus, change and eradicate the fear in society.

Religion and ideology and philosophy and any school of thought is erroneous compared to the peace you find when you become engulfed by your own flame of truth and truly feel the presence of God.  These ideas that morph and change with the times should be seen as fallible because they are appropriate for a time and then change.  If a religion or philosophy or school of thought has to change, it is not a religion of truth and god, but is fallible and in need of revamping and so it must be a religion of man worshipping his own fear.  Shadow worship is not going to bring about anything but darkness; whereas, if you equip yourself with the fire of truth you can ignite the world with a greater sense of meaning and conscious accomplishment, and ultimately, peace will be the result (Stagnation and inaction are not peace.  Peace is the ability to maintain yourself in a crisis and resolve it without resorting to bad habits or conventional wisdom, unless properly applied with a conscientious and conscious heart and mind.)

God as man knows him today does not truly exist.  He is a projection of man’s fear given shape.  God in reality cannot be known this side of existence because he is a god of creation and proper progression.  He is a god of action.  Man only knows that god is not a firefly to be caught in a jar; but he will not hold this realization for long because he is limited and god in his true form is not.  However, man wants god to be limited, to be like him, so he can say look I created god.  To him god is just another idea to possess and say it’s mine.


God does exist but man cannot see him because he squelched the piece of god, the fire of god within so that he can hold onto the corporeality of the current world.  Man cannot know god.  He has no way of knowing something so vast except to glimpse him while asleep.  Once man awakens he cannot see him anymore and so goes on dreaming about waking up again so he can rest once again.  The basis of all this back and forth is the fact that man is afraid because he knows he exists; he just doesn’t know why, and that bugs the shit out of him.

Occasionally a man (or woman) comes along that lets their light shine; and so, we see god in them and mistake them for god; and then kill them because they scare is into knowing how wrong we are to have squelched the fire they are so proud of.  It makes us very angry and fearful (these emotions are cousins and where you find one you will find the other).

We do this because once we kill those that have the fire and flaunt it, we have no reason to be scared anymore and we can go back to sleep where god and existence is not real but just a dream.  In the process, we lose meaning.  So we search for meaning and the cycle repeats so that we find and then kill the person who brings meaning; so we can begin the search again.


The other part of the equation besides fear is pride.  Pride in the self dictates everything.  It dictates action, thought, emotion, everything.  It dictates need, and even our choice of when to apply knowledge and what to apply it toward.  We are little children who are crying to our parents.  After we grow up and outgrow our parents, the need remains and we project this need on to our false idea of a benevolent god.  God is benevolent but we want him to pander to our every need as we are still children, and immature inside.  We are afraid and prideful animals who know nothing but satisfaction and when we find it we kill it so we can find it again.  This is what we call life.  This is folly.  It is hard, nearly impossible, to let go of pride and fear and rekindle the flame of truth, love, and compassion, to let the warmth flow from it into someone else.  And to remake our world in this true God’s image.  That is just the true struggle of man…


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