So, it follows that:

Life is a war fought in the middle of this growth and pain over indeterminate and arbitrary periods of time – an individual’s lifespan.  We do not have a choice as to whether or not to be born; so we need to be willing to be reborn as soldiers fighting and running from battle to battle.  Wage war against your naturally and unavoidably misguided mind and also against a misguided world, a mass mind which unwittingly seeks to control us and do us irreparable harm even while laughing in our face and placating us so we don’t rock the boat…

(What makes it worse is the lack of awareness and the propagation of stubbornness that is exhibited by this semi-consciousness known as culture and the individuals subscribing to it.)  So the main question becomes who are we fighting; who are we doing battle with?

We are fighting battles on many fronts:

with ourselves

our perceptions and misperceptions and the misunderstandings caused by them

with our needs and our abilities or inability to alleviate or fulfill them

with a vapid mass mind (society, the world) that we are prone to fall into league with when we allow it to maintain us and our attitudes and mind-set (We do this because it is easier to groupthink than succeed in thinking for ourselves.  This is natural as it is the path of least resistance but that does not make it the right path.)

this mental auto-pilot provided by society and esteemed as “culture”

the easy & somewhat natural tendency to let someone else think for us when in this mode of mental auto-pilot known as “culture”

normalizing this strange idea known as culture so that good becomes bad in essence and bad gets glorified.


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