So the question becomes how do we fight the things that are supposedly these unseen enemies and how do we know if we are fighting the correct, actual, and true enemy in a productive and self-affirming way?  Furthermore, how do we keep from spreading our resources out too thin and relying on culture which wraps its tendrils around us and tells how to act (usually malevolently)?  How do we fight something we are barely aware of, that is not of this world, and that we have no power over?


Answer: By fighting with our understanding of ourselves and our minds, wielding the weapons of a balance between social and individual awareness.  Then, applying the resulting knowledge gained by this awareness.  Next, glean the productive/healthy interpretations of your feelings both toward yourself and towards others.  We can do all this with the seemingly momentary self-control that should always be at the forefront of our soldier-mind.  Self-control is the key to victory over the world and its controlling misperceptions.  These misperceptions and their power over us is the true enemy.  If we do not stay in control of our individual selves in this a moment-to-moment manner, then the social conventions, customs, and culture (which are the world’s tools of control) kick in and we end up not people, not soldiers, not even tools.  We become robots/zombies controlled by the world’s “mind-set”.  That is the true enemy we are at war with – the world and its “wealth” of misperceptions and its need to control us.  We have to remember, though, that, like in the Matrix, people are not going to like when we branch out and change.  They will selfishly not want to accept responsibility because they will feel as though they are being called out and losing the faulty foundation that has been built for them.  In short, they are going to feel that the rug has been pulled out from under them, that we are infringing on their fragile conception of their world/mindset.  So they are going to want someone to blame for this infringement.  That someone is the person who pointed out how fragile their worldview can be.  Of course, they will be angry and combative.

To counter this, we must be empowered by ourselves and our knowledge of ourselves and our own foundational worldview.  We need to trust our ability and capacity for transmitting this new groundbreaking and more accurate and productive worldview into the social forum for the essential understanding that, first, we are not the end all be all, and that all persons (individuals) see the world differently; and, second, that these differences must be voiced and separated objectively from our own so that we do not initially and instinctively overanalyze or internalize but are able to analyze and identify (or not) constructively in order to create a sense of constructive dialogue so that we can establish a better, more understanding self and by doing so a better, more understanding society.  To do this while mitigating the anger inherent in change, we must successfully utilize our self-knowledge and understand, express, and when appropriate and where appropriate transmit, if you will, this knowledge in to a better sense of community.  Then, we, hopefully, can successfully battle with the misperceptions of the world forged by a misguided society ruled by greed and wrath through the foundation of a more productive, understanding and compassionate community.  This is the true path to enlightenment of self and community (and the necessity thereof) – that the world and its unhealthy machinations of the mind is the true enemy, not ourselves and not each other.  Remember this when dealing with your neighbor for he and she are just other soldiers and sojourners, travelers battling to be their own person, just as you are…


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