On my Own:

A Reflection and Awareness Journal

This journal is meant to help process the process of processing (meta-processing in other words if you will) in order to understand and improve the human experience and man’s existence itself starting with myself and my own experience and interpretation of the reality within which these experiences and the act of existence occur.  Then when these experiences and emotions elicited by these processed ideas are processed successfully, they can lend to a more realistic interpretation of these emotions within the experiences.  Then, how they enhance or take away from the human experience can be processed for future better understanding of similar experiences.  It is ongoing and very difficult but worthwhile.  However, one needs to keep in mind that each experience has its own completely unique nuances to consider and process and they are personal and cannot be said to interpret others’ inner reality.  The key, though, is just that, e.g. the self, which does the processing, and keeping an open mind within that self in order to listen to feedback and new perspectives from others as well as from an inner awareness.  If the individual lacks a healthy emotional foundation on which to do the processing, then the correct emotional reaction to the experience cannot be enacted properly and we fail as a society in the case of that individual.  Remember that the self is ever-changing and interacting with a reality which is also ever in flux.  Enjoy the process and never give up!


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