There is no such thing as true selflessness.  Even while the good Samaritan feeds the homeless, it is likely to assuage the guilt he or she has because of the simple fact that he or she is more fortunate.  It gives them license to amass more.  Fate picks people to bring down in a very fickle manner.  We must exercise godly grace to pick them back up, regardless of our underlying true reasons.


Do not even acknowledge evil or the devil; for, when you do, that is where they get their powers.  Use grace to deal with adversity without acknowledging the potential evil of the situation.  Jesus taught us that by example when, while being arrested, he healed a man wounded by his own disciple before they took Him away.  So, know your fate and meet it with grace, and without resentment.  Band together like brothers and sisters if you must; for, we are stronger together and can, thereby, defy evil.  So, be social; be gracious; be forgiving; be accepting.  Together we can withstand the devil, and create opportunities for grace to operate.


Book Suggestion…! Check it out!

I recently came across a really good e-book.  You can find it at  It is a psychological thriller about a bounty hunter, a prison inmate, and a mental patient.  It is definitely worth the 99 cents it takes to download it.  And, you can buy the first novella in a series.  The first novella is entitled Glockette and the series is entitled the Committed.  Check it out!  I highly endorse it.  It is well worth the read.  And, I heard by way of the grapevine that the author is working on the second novella in the series as we speak.  I can’t wait.  Further, the author has endured prison and the mental hospital as he relates on the website so he knows what he is talking about.  Check it out!



Selfish Altruism

One should not seek to be understood but to understand others.  Seeking to be understood is selfish and self-centered; while seeking to understand someone else and their situation while sacrificing your own needs to be understood is altruistic.  You do not get any payout when you seek to understand others but you do gather relevant information that can be used at a later date to understand commonalities in the human existence and condition and the various variations in that existence and condition.  That way you can be a better, more conscientious person and that is a positive payout and selfish gain in and of itself.

Being altruistic is actually selfish in a good way because it makes you feel better after you have helped someone out of the kindness of your heart.  If someone is truly seeking selfish motives, altruism can really give the self a good feeling.  Therefore, altruism is in some ways a positive form of selfishness.

As we learn and grow and develop throughout our lifetimes, certain behaviors became inherent because they get reinforced, whether by society or by someone other force.  Nobody in their right mind would do something if there was no reward.  I believe the good feeling one gets from altruistic behaviors is God blessing and reinforcing the good behavior.  Plus, there also may be an evolutionary reason people feel good about helping each other.  In other words, when we help out someone else in the group, the whole group is more likely to survive.  Thus, over evolutionary time, our brains began to develop so that certain behaviors were rewarded intrinsically, like altruistic behavior.

So, if you really are looking to be selfish, try to help someone out; that is as selfish as you can get because the payout and blessings are amazing.  You won’t regret your sacrifice.


Hamsters on Wheels

All we are is a bunch of hamsters on our own personal wheels.  It is like the rat race, only eternal and without any real movement.  We end up going nowhere, all the while telling ourselves, “someday I will get there.”  The ones that see the irony and its depressive nature are the ones that get told that there is something wrong with them because they shatter the false dream of progress that the rest of us hold dear to while running on our wheels going nowhere.  And, those who get off their wheels are considered absolutely out of their minds, but they in fact are the visionaries, the ones who are truly liberated, the ones trying to figure a way out of their very cages.  Thus, these ones are considered dangerous when in fact they are closer to the truth; however, truth by its very nature is often considered dangerous even while liberating in nature.  These ones have put the illusion of life and “progress” behind themselves, while everyone else calls their running on their wheels and never getting anywhere progress.  The saddest part about this is that there is no way outside the cages of life except through death and danger.  Even if one of us hamsters managed to get out of the “cage”, what he or she would find is endless chances at self-destruction and nothing but confusion.  So keep running on your wheels; at least, you will have direction and a false sense of progress and peace.

The End? of the Jesus’ story

In the end, the cross became a stepping stone, as well as a rolling one.  As death became life, life became free.


When the stone was rolled from the tomb that Sunday after the execution exactly three days later, one could, if one looked in the right place, indeed find a snake, orange-yellow with black diamonds tattooed on its back, crushed by said stone.  Its tongue no longer flicked in and out of its poison mouth but was, instead, still and silent.


That is where she found it when she came to the place where death still ruled in her heart.

That is why she did not even see the man sitting in the tomb at first; and why, even when he registered, she recognized him, wrongly, as the caretaker.

When the scene, reflected on several times, finally hit home and made sense, a smile filled her face.  She put her hands on her hips and shifted her weight a couple of times.

She said, “You sonuvabitch!  You did it, didn’t you?”

The man in the tomb wore an enlightened and pained expression turned pleased.  He shrugged and looked away.

Welcome to the human family!

The future is technically a non-event not worth worrying about.  That probably sounds very strange but once you grasp the truth behind it, you will be much less stressed.  Likewise, the past is a non-event in that you cannot change it; you can only change how you interpret it.  The present or current moment is a bridge between these two time periods typified by non-events.  This current moment is, then, an illusion that holds onto its relevancy by its very salient and present nature; however, we know cognitively that it will, in fact, ebb back into the past of non-events and flow into the future of non-events.  Thus, human existence has always been (past) and will always be (future) a battle to hold onto current forms of meaning without going backwards or forwards in fits of irrelevancy.  This, of course, is impossible and we are left with irrational and ultimately irrelevant hope for meaning in a meaningless string of events that do not matter…

Fire in the sauce and the honeycombed trouble

Hold me accountable

I’m cooking with fire

And I do not care what goes into the sauce

Scold me; call me unforgivable

I look at you and see a liar

Alarms should tell you the heat behind the sauce

When I burn you up,

I burn me up

I burn us up

And I do not care

Hold me accountable

And what I have cooked I will share…


Darkness hiding in the very light

Pockets of it everywhere

What do I do with it?

Embrace it?

Fight it?

Resist it with self-control?


Someday I know it will consume me

As it does us all on our deathbeds

That light is merely a handmaiden

A wet nurse in disguise

As darkness gives birth to the light

And we die…


Violent angst

Twilight and dank

Moist downpour

Hoisted sails in a slave’s city

Fallowed heaven’s fields

Cowards tip the scales

Town that only wants more


Soup of the day and a six-inch

Pizza makers sift hay with shanks

Jail or prison or penitentiary

Hail all hell sent bats

Kentucky fried baseballs

The colonel sat fatly on ice crystals

Pooping pencil shavings

After his hair falls out involuntarily

He’ll be saving plenty of money.



A slim bubble of hunger

My insides turned into pudding or the wanting thereof

Prim dystopian fantasies

Death comes to children too

Only more innocently and mercifully

Days cut short

Timothy Little is testimony thereto

But his shaved head

His hair cut short

Says help me with money

Give or you’ll never forgive yourself

Honeycombs in his bowl

He wishes he could use it on his head

Or on the beard he will never get to



Troubled troublesome youth

Stemming from standards of abuse

Military ire irate

Choosing the gun over fish bait

Caught in a cycle of sonorous discord

World of rifles and fjords

Roaring rivers of men

Caught in that current again

Mankind jumps from the ledge

I was just trimming the hedge


They all jump off to their deaths



The game of good and evil

We ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; however, we, as finite beings, cannot fully appreciate the universal dynamics of the balance between good and bad.  We are confined to the self and cannot really experience anything outside of that prison, which is why, in freeing us, that freedom to believe in God is a gift of liberty from that same Creator.


In other words, if something bad happens to me that benefits my neighbor, is it then ultimately good or bad?  This is an example that oftentimes we cannot see past the effects on ourselves to the greater good that may be being in done in God’s name for our neighbor.


Thus, the balance between good and evil is often looked at by us humans as zero sum games wherein there is a winner and a loser.  However, this is not always true (in fact, it almost never is, for the sake of mere logic).  We have to be smart enough and wise enough to realize that fact.  God is working in everything for the greatest glory (another word for good) that can befall our partnership with him as a species, not as individuals.  We just need to trust that that is the truth and remember never to give the devil his due because everything is God’s doing.  Submit to His Will!